Air Ultrasonic Ceramic Transducers 250ST/R240
  • Compact and light weight
  • High sensitivity and sound pressure level
  • Excellent temperature and humidity durability
  • Low cost
  • Applications
  • Remote control devices
  • Robotics
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Energy saving equipments
  • Specification
    250ST240 Transmitter
    250SR240 Receiver
    Center Frequency 25.0±1.0KHz
    Bandwidth(-6dB) 1.5KHz (Tx), 1.8KHz(Rx)
    Transmitting Sound Pressure Level
    at 25.0KHz; 0dB re 0.0002µbar per 10Vrms at 30cm
    115dB min.
    Receiving Sensitivity at 25.KHz 0dB=1 volt/µbar -60dB min.
    Capacitance at 1KHz ± 20% 250ST 3000pF
    250SR 2400pF
    Max.Driving Voltage(cont.) 20Vrms
    Total Beam Angle -6dB 55° typical
    Operation Temperature -30 to 70° C
    Storage Temperature -40 to 80° C
    All specification taken typical at 25°C; closer frequency tolerance can be supplied upon request.
    Models available
    1. 250ST/R240 Aluminum Housing