Air Ultrasonic Transducer - Pulse Transit Type
The Pulse/Tone Burst transducers are available in both open (PT) and enclosed (EP) type configurations .
They are especially designed for echo ranging systems requiring a shorter ringing characteristic when comparing to our standard type transducers.
Several of the transducers are specifically designed with an asymmetric beam patterns for car reversing systems to minimize unwanted wave reflection from the ground.
Transducers with a built-in temperature compensating capacitor and even shorter ring characteristic are available upon request.

Model Number Description Center Frequency
Open Pulse Transit Type
400PT120 Transceiver 40.0±1.0 115dB/-68dB 2.0 KHz 12.8Ø x 8.8
400PT160 117dB/-65dB 16.2Ø x 12.2
Enclosed Pulse Transit Type
400EP125 Transceiver 40.0±1.0 100dB/-78dB 1.5 KHz 12.5Ø x 9.5
400EP18A 108dB/-75dB 18.1Ø x 12.1
400EP250 110dB/-72dB 2 KHz 25.0Ø x 11.9
Enclosed Pulse Transit Type - Asymmetric Beam Pattern
400EP14D Transceiver 40.0±1.0 103dB/-78dB 1.0 KHz 14.0Ø x 9.1
400EP18D 100dB/-80dB 1.2 KHz 18.0Ø x 10.0
480EP900 52.0±3.0 100dB/-80dB 15.0 KHz 36.6 x 26.6 x 13.8*

SPL: 0dB = 0.0002ubar, measured upon 10Vrms sine wave at 30 cm distance
Sensitivity: 0dB re 1V/ubar, receiver in parallel with a 3.9K Ohm resistor
* Dimensions: L x W x H